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Amintiri Din Copilarie Asu Ticy Si Bobby Download 14

Amintiri Din Copilarie Asu Ticy Si Bobby Download 14

Amintiri Din Copilarie (Memories from Childhood) is a popular Romanian song by Asu, Ticy and Bobby, released in 2012. The song is a nostalgic tribute to the childhood memories of the three singers, who recall their mischief, adventures and fun on the streets. The song has over 24 million views on YouTube and is considered one of the best manele songs of all time.

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Manele is a genre of music that originated in Romania and is influenced by Turkish, Arabic, Greek and Balkan music. Manele songs are usually about love, money, power and fame, and are often performed by male singers with a distinctive vocal style. Manele is very popular in Romania and other Balkan countries, but also controversial due to its association with the Roma minority and the underworld culture.

Asu, Ticy and Bobby are three of the most famous manele singers in Romania, who have collaborated on many songs and albums. Asu is the stage name of Alexandru Gabriel, who started his career as a DJ and producer. Ticy is the stage name of Nicolae Sorian, who is also a composer and keyboardist. Bobby is the stage name of Robert Ionut, who is known for his high-pitched voice and energetic performance.

The song Amintiri Din Copilarie was composed by Asu and Ticy, and written by Asu. The lyrics describe the childhood memories of the three singers, such as playing football, stealing apples, skipping school, fighting with other kids, falling in love and dreaming of becoming famous. The chorus says: "I remember when we were kids / We were messing around on the street, doing crazy things / We didn't have money or worries / We only had joy and happiness".

The song was released on December 1st, 2012, as part of the album Big Party Manele, Vol. 1, which featured other manele hits by various artists. The song was also included in Asu's solo album Amintiri Din Copilarie, which was released in 2013. The song was accompanied by a music video, which showed the singers dressed as kids and recreating their childhood scenes.

The song was well received by the fans and critics alike, who praised its catchy melody, humorous lyrics and nostalgic vibe. The song also became a viral hit on social media, where many people shared their own childhood memories inspired by the song. The song was also covered by other artists, such as Lunna, who made a parody version called Vamos A Mamaia (Let's Go to Mamaia), which referred to the popular seaside resort in Romania.

The song Amintiri Din Copilarie can be downloaded from various online platforms, such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Amazon Music. The song can also be streamed online or purchased as a CD or MP3 file. The song is available in different formats and qualities, depending on the platform and the user's preference.

Amintiri Din Copilarie is a song that celebrates the innocence and joy of childhood, while also reflecting on the challenges and changes that come with growing up. The song is a reminder of the good times that we had as kids, and the dreams that we still have as adults. The song is a tribute to the friendship and love that bind us together, no matter how old we are or where we are.

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