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Lee Carroll Yuvaya Yolculuk Pdf 20

Lee Carroll Yuvaya Yolculuk Pdf 20

Lee Carroll is an American author who claims to channel a spiritual entity named Kryon. He has written several books about his experiences and teachings, including the series called The Journey Home, which is translated into Turkish as Yuvaya Yolculuk. The first book in this series, titled Kryon: The Journey Home, was published in 1998 and tells the story of Michael Thomas, a man who embarks on a journey with seven angels to find his true home.

The book Yuvaya Yolculuk is available as a free PDF download on the Internet Archive, where it has been uploaded by an anonymous user. The PDF file has 20 pages and is 2.6 MB in size. The book is written in Turkish and has a cover image of a man walking on a path with a rainbow in the background. The book is categorized as spirituality, metaphysics, and new age on the Internet Archive.

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The book Yuvaya Yolculuk is also available as a paperback edition from Akasa Yayinlari, a Turkish publisher that specializes in spiritual and esoteric books. The paperback edition was published in December 2010 and has 224 pages. The book has a different cover image than the PDF version, showing a man holding a globe with a starry sky behind him. The book has an ISBN of 9786055735409 and a price of 18.00 TL (Turkish Lira).

The book Yuvaya Yolculuk is one of the many books that Lee Carroll has written about Kryon, who he describes as "a loving entity from the Source (or \"Central Sun\") who is with us to help us move into the higher vibration age of peace we have called the New Age". Lee Carroll claims that he started channeling Kryon in 1989 after being visited by a psychic who told him about his spiritual purpose. Since then, he has traveled around the world to deliver Kryon's messages and conduct workshops and seminars. He has also collaborated with other authors and speakers, such as Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, and Lynn McTaggart.

The book Yuvaya Yolculuk is a fictional story that illustrates some of the concepts and teachings that Lee Carroll and Kryon have shared over the years. The book follows the journey of Michael Thomas, who is unhappy with his life and seeks a change. He meets an angel who tells him that he can find his true home if he follows his guidance. Along the way, he encounters six more angels who each teach him a lesson about love, trust, joy, harmony, wisdom, and peace. He also faces challenges and tests that help him grow and transform. The book ends with Michael Thomas reaching his destination and discovering his true identity and purpose.

The book Yuvaya Yolculuk is intended to inspire and enlighten readers who are interested in spirituality and personal growth. The book uses metaphors and symbols to convey universal truths and principles that can be applied to one's own life. The book also invites readers to question their beliefs and assumptions and to explore their own inner wisdom and potential. The book is not meant to be taken literally or dogmatically, but rather as a tool for self-discovery and empowerment.

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