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Bracelets For Couples with engraving?

engraving of the wedding ring is the most effective option to personalize your own wedding ring and at time the strongest visible expression of the connection between two rings. Wedding rings with engraving describe emotions, make a statement, capture the most beautiful moment forever, and keep men in mind (hopefully :o) of their wedding day.

Wedding ring engraving: classic diamond engraving or contemporary laser engraving? - Craftsmanship meets Progress

Diamond engraving is the traditional type of ring engraving. A diamond-cutting tool is employed to scratch a diamond's surface. The engraving appears with a fine sheen. Because engraving of diamonds was only feasible in rings made of precious metals, such as silver, gold, palladium and platinum, but the wedding ring materials have been diversified in recent years to include new metals and components like stainless steel, ceramic, titanium, and the tungsten (also called by the international name tungsten) Laser engraving is now a well-established. Laser technology is used when the engraving diamond is unable to do anything because the material is too difficult to process. The engraving is then burned into the ring's surface mechanically at variable depths. This continuously evolving technology gives the advantage that engravings can be legible on even the smallest surfaces or narrow rings. Laser engraving is unbeatable when comes to durability. A deep laser engraving will not be affected by wear on the material and therefore is as "durable as the wedding ring itself".

Explore the possibilities for engraving your wedding rings.

Your wedding ring should be distinctive and unique, just as you are. There are a myriad of design options for engraving. In addition to the well-known internal engraving, rings are now also often engraving on the outside or even on the sides, no more just to communicate messages in text, but also to express your feelings of love and affection with symbols or patterns of all kinds. Laser engraving, for example, opens up the possibility of displaying an extensive text such as your wedding motto, your favorite poem or religious text or your shared song as micro-engravings inside or outside the ring in the way that at first glance, and from a distance, it doesn't appear as text but simply as an image. The meaning to it only comes out upon closer examination. The most unique wedding rings have fingerprint and facsimile engraving. Because your fingerprint on the ring of your partner or a loving dedication in your handwriting (regardless of whether it's able be read) are just as individual as they are personal. The high-tech sophistication of engravings is complemented by very traditional values. In the age of digital communication, handwritten letters (as they were known in the olden days) are not common.

An engraving turns a ring into one ring

As with all jewelry, the ring itself is unique as it is designed to fit a hand. It is adjusted to the wearer's hand and attains a status that distinguishes it from other pieces of jewelry. However the meaning that completes the ring's purpose can only be achieved through engraving. This is the reason why it is unique, distinctive and unique.

What types of ring engravings exist?

Diamond engraving is a classic method used by jewelers and goldsmiths. The writing is scratched into the ring's surface either on the inside or outside by using a diamond. Graphic designs of symbols, your own handwriting, or even fingerprints can also be engraved here. The engraving appears on the material in sparkling lines, but is only done in precious metals. Laser engraving was created in response to the discovery of new metals and materials to make rings, like titanium stainless steel, ceramics or tungsten. Traditional diamond engraving fails or even not at all using these new materials. they're too hard and the engraving diamond can't penetrate deeply enough into the material. Therefore, engravings of diamonds are superficial and sometimes wear out too fast. Modern marking lasers enable permanent and deep engravings on titanium rings, stainless-steel rings, ceramic rings, and rings made of tungsten.


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